• Question:  Do I claim my account or create a new one?
    If you were credentialed (certified/accredited/authorized) by the Riverside County EMS Agency prior to October 1, 2015, you should claim your account. If you have never been credentialed with REMSA, create a new account.

  • Question: I am registering a profile or updating my profile, but it won’t let me enter the city or State?
     The system has a Zip Code/Postal Code lookup feature which must be used when entering your address. If it offers you multiple cities/areas to choose from in the Lookup box, please select one using the green check on the left. The city and state should then auto-populate, and cannot be manually entered/changed.

  • Question:  I lost my password, how do I get a new one (or the old one)?
    Answer: There is a tool for lost password lookup.  You can use either the email you registered with the system or your Social Security number.  We advise you only use a secure computer (not a public computer or an unsecured hotspot) to submit this kind of data.  REMSA staff can also trigger the system to send you a login email, so please call us if you would like this done from our end.

  • Question: Why can’t I find myself in the system? I had an EMT/Paramedic/MICN card before the system went live October 1, 2015, but the system doesn’t recognize me?
    Answer:  While REMSA and ImageTrend staff made careful efforts to transfer all legacy (current/previous) data up to the LMS from the EMS Agency’s inhouse database, some issues, errors, or typos may exist in the data or have prevented complete upload. Please contact the EMS Agency so we can look up your record to ensure it was transferred to the new system and correct any errors that may be in your profile. Common issues can range from simple handwriting misunderstandings (e.g. a ‘4’ looks like a ‘9’) to plain old human data entry errors. We’ll do our best to troubleshoot this.