Step 1
Save your work, post your calls (by turning off Validation Rules first, if necessary) when possible, and logout.
Restart your device and test your internet connection

Login to Elite / Elite Field
If using Elite Field, manually re-sync: Home screen >>> Settings >>> Sync All Resources
Problem resolved? If not, escalate to 1) your service's Agency Administrator for hardware and connectivity issues, or 2) proceed to Step 2 below to contact REMSA staff.
Step 2
If you have a good internet connection, have manually re-synced Elite Field, and are still having an issue with Elite, then please contact the REMSA Support Agents using Freshdesk:
Step 3
Need help immediately? Contact the ePCR On-Call Administrator or the REMSA Duty Officer by phone:

— REMSA On-Call ePCR Administrator: (951) 840-0675

— REMSA Duty Officer: (951) 712-3342
Step 4

CAUTION Proceed with care- The following steps will delete any incomplete runs stored on the device, plus browser-cached history, passwords, etc. Turn off Validation Rules and post your records before trying to clear your cache, or you will lose your draft PCRs. Not all data can be recovered from the Field Incident Cloud, so please proceed carefully only if advised to do so.
Open Chrome

  • Go to this URL: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  • Select "the beginning of time", check every box, and click "Clear browsing data"
Or open Firefox
  • Go to Options >>> Privacy
  • Under History select "Firefox will: Use custom settings for history"
  • Uncheck "Always use private browsing mode"
  • Check "Remember my browsing and download history"
  • Check "Remember search and form history"
  • Check "Accept cookies from sites"
  • Select "Accept third-party cookies: Always"
  • Select "Keep until: they expire"
  • Check "Clear history when Firefox closes"
  • Click "Settings", check every box under History and Data, click "OK"
  • Close and reopen Firefox

Or open Internet Explorer

  • Go to Internet Options
  • On the "General" tab, under "Browsing history", check "Delete browsing history on exit", click "OK"
  • Close and reopen Internet Explorer

REMSA Staff, Agency Administrators, and Advanced Providers may initiate ImageTrend Support tickets, however there are many local system configurations, and local support should be contacted prior to creating ImageTrend tickets. Additionally, communicating locally can help spread information faster if there is a systemwide issue, rather than just on one device. To open an ImageTrend Support ticket, visit: