A first step in troubleshooting login issues is to ensure you are attempting to access the correct website. 

For PCR completion (Field personnel providing patient care), please use: https://www.imagetrendelite.com/Elite/Organizationriversidecounty/RunForm/Login

For License Management (EMTs, Paramedics, MICNs, for managing your credentials and changing passwords), please use: https://ca.emsbridge.com/remsa/

For Administration of your Elite site and CQI, please use: https://www.imagetrendelite.com/Elite/Organizationriversidecounty/

The forums at Remsa.us provide links to the above sites, but the forum itself will not provide access to any of these services. Please do not attempt to login there with the goal of accessing the resources listed above, as you do not need to register or login to Remsa.us to access the links on the menus for these sites. Please let us know if you have any technical issues, such as a site outage of one of the sites noted above.