Adding EMS Professionals is easily done in the License Management System. All staff who will need access to Elite in any capacity need to register in the LMS and then the username and password are transferred to Elite. Even if you have staff who are not certified/credentialed as EMTs, Paramedics, MICNs, CCTRNs and CCTRTs, you may need them to access your PCRs in Elite. 

If you are the only EMS employer of an individual, please have the user submit the appropriate form. For EMTs, this is the EMT Employment Change form. Paramedics must contact the EMS Agency as of this article update to have the form added to their account, as a loss of all ALS employers invalidates paramedic credentials and we wish to avoid this happening by accident. Those without EMS credentials should be added to services via the Agency Personnel application in the LMS.

If you are adding an employee as a secondary agency, please use the following steps in the License Management System (LMS) under the Service tab, then under Personnel. 

  1. Login at REMSA's Online License\Credentialing Portal ( 
  2. Click on the * Services link on the left menu. 
  3. Click on your Service's name, then select "Personnel" from the left menu. In this view, you will see all the personnel associated with your service if you are in an official position that has this viewing privilege.
  4. Two search boxes are visible on this page, with the first one being to "Add Existing Personnel..." that you found via search, and the other at the bottom only searches your existing roster. Use the "Add an Existing Personnel..." search box to find the user you wish to add, then commit the action via the "Add..." button once you have successfully found the individual. They should appear in your roster after this is done.
  5. Important note: LMS Users who do not (and will not) hold local EMS credentials should submit the Agency Personnel application in order to gain and keep active access in the system (for administration of users or CQI). This is necessary for office staff, billing personnel, etc. who need ePCR access in Elite. Users with expired or inactive credentials will be detached from services periodically, so please ensure your users maintain EMS or Agency Personnel credentials to avoid a gap in Elite access.
  6. It's also a good idea to verify that the user is now set to "Active" status in the Elite platform to ensure they are able to edit PCRs and generate new ones on your service's behalf. Login to Elite and view your Users list to confirm this.

If you have any questions on this, please contact the EMS Agency or submit a ticket here for any urgent roster change issues.