For Administrative personnel, Billing personnel, and other staff members who do not hold EMS credentials (EMT, Paramedic, MICN, etc.), please create an account in the License Management System in order to receive access to the ImageTrend Elite platform. You will not need to fill out any applications, but we will need you to create a profile for security and account management.

The shorter version:

  • User creates an account in the LMS
  • User selects and applies for the "Agency Personnel Staff" application from the Applications link
  • EMS Coordinator/Service Admin verifies employment
  • User/Applicant is added to service at the level verified and synced to the Elite ePCR platform
  • User/Applicant can log into Elite using the same login information used to access the LMS

The longer version:

  1. Create an account by visiting and clicking on “Create Account” underneath the Login section. 
  2. Select and apply for the "Agency Personnel Staff" application from the "Applications" link, which can be found on the left side of your account login screen.
    1. Positions that can be selected in the Agency Personnel form include:

      EMS Coordinator: If you are the primary agency contact for your EMS provider agency

      EMS Service Affiliation: If you are tasked with approving EMS application affiliations for your agency 

      General Administration: If you perform administrative duties that include pulling HIPAA-secure PCRs in Elite for your agency

      Medical Director (On-Line): If you are a physician who will need access to your provider agency's PCRs

      Prehospital Liaison Nurse: If you are the PLN for your Base Hospital, in charge of verifying MICN training for your hospital

      Primary QA Contact: If you need access to PCRs for quality assurance/quality improvement duties for your agency

      Service Billing Outsourced: For personnel who are third-party staff, contracted to perform EMS billing functions

      Service Billing Personnel: For billing staff directly employed by your agency, not outsourced to a third party company

  3. Once your application is submitted, the EMS Coordinator or Agency Administrator for the service you indicated as your employer will receive an employment verification request.
  4. After your employment and position have been verified, your account and login information will be synced over to the Elite ePCR platform.
  5. You will now be able to login to ImageTrend Elite, via . Confirm that you are able to view incidents in the system and can login successfully. 
  6. Occasionally, specific permission settings will need to be adjusted based on your position within the agency. Please contact your agency administrator if you require a greater level of access than is automatically issued.
  7. See your EMS Coordinator or Agency Administrator for training on what duties you will have in the Elite system, as they can show you how to access incidents and run specialized reports for your service.