The latest ImageTrend recommendations can be found here: http://www.imagetrend.com/resources-system-requirements/. In addition to the current ImageTrend recommendations, our local experience has demonstrated better results with Elite Field when more random-access memory (RAM) and processing power are available. There are varying capabilities with third-party medical equipment based on operating system differences, so it is advised your agency review your use cases carefully when selecting hardware upgrades.

Browser Requirements

In addition to the latest ImageTrend recommendations above, which speak to hardware and software recommendations, our local experience has demonstrated better results with Elite Field when attention is given to dedicating a browser to Elite Field, removing unnecessary add-ons, and setting browser cache limits as high as possible. Additionally, clearing browser cache and performing an additional manual sync at the beginning of each EMS shift is helpful.

Internet Requirements

An internet connection is required for all use of Elite. While Elite Field may be used temporarily while offline an internet connection is required to synchronize resources. Provider certification expiration dates are particularly important to be mindful of, as a device that went offline when a user’s Paramedic, EMT, RN, etc. were about to expire, the system will not allow them to be a crew member on a call if the device did not receive the updated credential information.

Accessing the System

User registration for Elite / Elite Field is accomplished by registering in the License Management System (LMS). Users who will not receive EMS credentials but will need access to PCRs will still need to register here, as the LMS is the issuing point of all usernames and access to both systems. All REMSA credentialed users will have access to Elite / Elite Field by login to the demo agency: Training Simulator. Additional access is assigned by EMS service employer(s). Access Elite / Elite Field at: