This list is intended to help Agency Administrators understand the differences between the permission groups and assign staff accordingly. 

System Administrator

REMSA staff assigned to administer the Elite and Elite Field platforms. This is the group for those responsible with updating Elite configurations, troubleshooting Elite/Elite Field issues, modifying PCR or print report layouts, medication lists, facilities, agency settings, permission groups, etc.

REMSA Cert Staff

REMSA users who can re-enable locked out users and pull ePCRs. Should only be administered by System Admins.

Super Agency Administrator

The users at EMS provider agencies who are ultimately responsible for setup, configuration, and maintenance of their systems.  No more than 2 users per agency are recommended to be in this permission group.

Agency Administrator

The EMS Coordinators and other users at EMS provider agencies who are responsible for setup, configuration, and maintenance of their systems, plus assigning permission group changes to staff in their agencies.

CQI Staff

Users who can modify CQI Categories, CQI forms, CQI Questions, and perform CQI reviews. Can create incidents, and read others' incidents. Can be administered by Agency Admins.

Service Billing

Users can pull exports and reports, but cannot edit PCRs.

Provider - Advanced

This allows providers to setup devices, view others' PCRs for group CQI, setup EKGs, and delete incidents in Elite and Elite Field.

Peer Review - Provider

This allows providers to perform peer review of others' calls in the CQI module but cannot see others' records in the EMS Incidents list or on field devices. Added 11/8/19.

Provider - Delete

Clone of Provider but with the added ability to delete runs in FIELD, not Elite.


Default category for users coming into Elite. This allows users with EMS credentials to record PCRs.

No Access

No abilities to do anything meaningful in the system.

Groups that only REMSA staff can administer and are not available to be assigned to providers are not covered here (Coroner, Hospital Reports, etc.)