ImageTrend License Management System (the LMS) will be receiving an update release of 3.7.5. The release will take place on 9/25/18 from 8:00am to 9:00am PT. 

As with all updates to the LMS, a temporary lag in the system during the hour(s) of the update is to be expected.

This update will include the following fixes and updates affecting users in the public portal:

  • Update: added a notification to indicate if there is an error in submitting an application. Previously, users would experience a spinning wheel with no notification.
  • Fix: An issue where users on the public portal were unable to open the PDF of a completed form
  • When users completed the Create Account process, an issue where the Suffix field sometimes recorded a phone number after saving has been resolved.
  • When using Lookup searches, an issue where dates were not always displayed in the same format has been resolved.