**If you are experiencing PCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your patience with ImageTrend products and bug reports! ** 

9/12/19: Moved eArrest.13 element from Cardiac arrest to Outcome section of print form.

Outcome data is being populated in eArrest.13 from the REMSA patient registry with stroke patients. This outcome data is relaying the Neurological outcome of the patient at discharge utilizing the CPC score system.

9/10/19: Vitals Power tool default value removed, mLAPSS default value removed, Time discontinued/Not initiated timestamp closed call rule added.

The vital signs power tool had a pain scale type defaulted to "0-10" forcing a section of the print form to be shown that may not relevant to the patient condition and confuse the clinicians.

mLAPSS default value was left blank on in the Stroke scale vital sign section. This was also displaying sometimes irrelevant assessment information that would not be relevant to the specific patient in the print form.

Time discontinued/Not initiated (eArrest.15) timestamp closed call rule added to require the necessary information on Cardiac arrests to be documented in relation to actual discontinuation of resuscitation measures as to when clearing the call.

8/23/19: CQI Module, Removal of Date/Time stamps for Vitals, Procedures, and Medications complex controls.

Date and Time stamps were removed from the CQI Module Print form agencies use to view ePCR's for CQI review within the Elite system. The time stamps were initially placed there because of a defect not displaying the information correctly. This defect has been fixed and now the timestamps have been removed so it does not clutter the information.

8/22/19: Outcome Data, "Last Known Well Time" added to transfers between agencies, and Stroke Exam grid changes

Based on the unanimous agreement at the ePCR Workgroup meeting, Last Known Well Time is now an automatically transferred field in system transfers between agencies, (instead of just between units of the same agency). 

Stroke exam grid: Also requested at the ePCR Workgroup meeting, the stroke exam grid was modified to accommodate cases where patients are unable to participate in the stroke exam. The field "Stroke Scale Score Value" was moved higher in the subpanel and helper text was added beneath it, "Please choose "Inconclusive" for patients unable to participate in stroke examination." Validation rules will turn off as appropriate based on field provider feedback received.

Outcome data: The ability to receive patient outcome data for specialty care patients is now available, as the ImageTrend Patient Registry has been purchased and the specialty hospitals are inputting case data directly into the system, and matching the EMS runs. This creates the linkage between our ImageTrend Elite system and the Patient Registry, which allows outcome data to feed backward to Elite and be viewed by EMS providers who were crew members on the PCRs. Field providers can view this data when it is available. A button has been added under Disposition >> Destination >> "Notify Crew of Outcome Data:", default value "Yes", that will allow providers to opt-out of receiving Inbox notifications for outcome data if they choose.

8/12/19: Automatic de-activation of users with expired credentials turned on, plus expiration date reminder on login screen

An update announced months ago has been released, which marks users as inactive in Elite until their credential can be renewed/updated in the License Management System (LMS). More information about this change can be found here: https://remsa.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/19000087268

7/23/19: Removal of Unnecessary Vitals Subpanel on Switches Panel

An unused Vitals grid, lacking Vitals fields, was removed from the Switches panel under the NFIRS switch.

7/11/19: Validation Rule Addition

Based on feedback at the ePCR Workgroup meetings, a validation rule has been added that triggers the CARES panel requirement if cardiac arrest is included in the primary or secondary impressions (eSituation.11 or eSituation.12).

6/28-7/08/19: Report Writer Full Load and Maintenance

ImageTrend completed maintenance and a Full Load of our data into Report Writer. This should improve certain datasets that changed since the original release of our Report Writer, including some calculations that occur on the data.

7/08/19: Minor change: version label added to Support tab

Versioning tag added to Support tab of PCR. This should help verify full syncs performed during troubleshooting.