The Submersion Incident Report Form (SIRF) for Riverside County is built into the ePCR. Prior to the ImageTrend Elite implementation in 2017, it was a separate form/worksheet. 

The Scene>> Scene panel contains a supplemental question called "Drowning/Submersion" that opens up the SIRF panel (via Visibility Rules) when a "Yes" answer is selected.

As the NEMSIS dataset doesn't have standard questions that match what we collect on submersion victims, we use ImageTrend Elite "Supplemental Questions," as shown by the example below for "Victim Last Seen". 

The SIRF panel contains all fields in one panel. The three snips below capture all fields used on the SIRF panel.

Please contact the REMSIS Help Desk staff with any concerns or issues with this or other sections of the PCR: (951) 840-0675, .