**If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 

12/18/19: Push Dose epi clarification

Epi 1:100,000 has had a label change to better label and prevent selection of the wrong concentration of Epi administration for documentation. Labeled to Epi 1:100,000 (Push Dose)

12/10/19: Medication default for TXA changed.

TXA medication default was changed from IV to IV Piggyback.

12/09/19: eScene.09 Incident type of location Reorganized

Based on end-user feedback the list for scene type has been reorganized to include the most commonly used places at the top of the drop-down list. While grouping similar scene types together for better reference. No values were removed or added.

12/04/19: Situation tool "A. Medical" has been revised

The tool has been revised based on Field/ePCR workgroup feedback. Please feel free to test and provide feedback to your agency representative for the ePCR workgroup if you believe something can be enhanced or changed for the benefit of the field.


Any agency-specific operational requirements can be handled with a new situation tool that your agency has the ability to create moving forward. These tools will be the generic system-level ones for all agencies to use.

11/26/19: Situation/Dynamic Power tools

The control of new agency-level permissions has been given for Agencies to specifically design and implement tools for there own operational needs. REMSA basic tools will remain such as:

A. Medical

B. Trauma

C. Cardiac Arrest

D. Airway

All other Work in progress or incomplete tools were inactivated. These changes were approved by ePCR workgroup 11/19/19.

11/25/19: Form name changed

Our master ePCR form name was changed from "Patient Care Report - 2018" has been changed to "Patient Care Report" all subsequent print form titles and CQI forms linked have been changed as well so it's relevant to current times.

11/22/19: eProcedure.03 value for Hemostatic agents added.

A Value for Hemostatic agent application such as quikclot or other agents have been added to the procedure drop down and organized next to Tourniquet and Burn dressings to it will be logically found.

11/19/19: JotPad

Jotpad has been turned on for all EMS run form and Fire related modules to use as a note-taking tool for call related information. This does not transfer or post with the record.

11/06/19: Bulk Reporting for Report Writer Agency Admins.

Bulk reporting for Report writer has been turned on for all Agency Admins within our Elite system. This should help if people experience server 500 errors because they are trying to pull a large date range of data or complex "Contains" fields that might cause the server to time out.

10/29/19: Worksheets turned on to main print form

"Worksheets" attached to a PCR will print at the bottom of the main print report 1) PATIENT CARE REPORT - 2018, please feedback for inclusion to other forms as necessary.

10/23/19: Cardiac Pacing

  • Under Actions > Pacing/Cardioversion -- visible when eProcedures.03 is set to either Cardiac Pacing or Cardioversion. Includes fields for pacing or cardioversion documentation.

10/22/19: eProtocol.01 additions

  • Added Protocol 4505 Pain Management under Protocols used in Final Tab (Completed 10/22/19)

10/21/19: eHistory.08 list simplification

  • eHistory.08 "Patient history" list was simplified from over 9,000 values available to around 422 for selection in PCRs. This was identified as a best practice from other large EMS systems. (Go live on 10/21/19 at 7:00 a.m PST)

10/18/19: Validation Rule change

  • PCRs with a disposition of "Patient Treated and Transported to Landing Zone by this EMS Unit" will not flag the hospital contact time as an error in the rare instance where hospital contact was made after patient care was transferred to the air unit.

10/08/19: ePCR Workgroup Action item changes

  • The homeless patient question has been added to the top of the Response panel by disposition. If the patient is not homeless their address is required. If they are homeless they will not be required to fill out a patient address. The label has been renamed to the current address to better clarify what we are asking. (Completed and approved by ePCR group 10/08/19)
  • Checklist functionality turned on for all Agency Administrators to develop their solutions by the agency. (Completed 10/08/19)
  • Closed call rule requiring two sets of vital signs when the patient receives analgesic pain meds and nitrates: Minimum of Systolic BP/HR/RR/GCS/ and Pain scale. (Completed after approval of ePCR meeting 10/08/19)