REMSA has implemented an ePCR Form change requiring travel screening for patients presenting with signs and symptoms of Influenza-like illness and respiratory complaints. The screening will be available for all patient contacts to voluntarily input the information as operationally available to EMS crews.

Closed call Validation rules will make the fields mandatory if patient symptoms present with Influenza-like illness or respiratory complaints, as well as MPDS protocols common in the screening of those patients.

Examples are shown below.

Printed forms of ePCR's will display the screening process in the Patient History section.

In addition as of 03/10/2020 PPE and possible exposure documentation will be required with the same criteria as the travel screen.

This information will be present on the printed form next to the travel screen for ease of accessibility.

If you have any questions, please contact the ePCR Helpdesk at (951) 840-0675.