**If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. **  


Hospital Team activation with validation rule changed.

Under Hospital contact panel the Stroke/STEMI/Trauma Activation panel is no longer tied to require base hospital contacts. Also, STEMI is now available as an option again to be selected.


Broselow Tape name changed

Changed all labels and values referenced the "Broselow tape" to "length based tape" consistent with our protocol changes on April 1st.


Changed  Transfer settings for AMR Divisions to be consistent for Minor/Guardian demographics.

AMR Riverside and Hemet were modeled after Desert Cities to receive all necessary demographic information

during ePCR transfers.


Added Secondary Impression for COVID-19. This is a CEMSIS sanctioned value and has been asked to be implemented Statewide.

Please document your primary impression of ILI/Flu Respiratory complaints as normal however if you believe they have an etiology of COVID-19 to be included as a secondary impression only.

Added value for the type of exposure in the PPE grid of it occurs. (eOther.06)

Suspected COVID-19 exposure

Added several PPE values

4503027Single Use Barrier Garment
4503001Eye Protection
4503025Face Shield
4503017Mask-Surgical (Non-Fitted)
it4503.110Remained outside limited contact, Conserved PPE
4503023Reflective Vest
4503013Level D Suit (Turn out gear)
it4503.104Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
it4503.111Face Shield (Reuse)
it4503.112Gloves (Reuse)
it4503.113Single Use Barrier Garment (Reuse)
it4503.116Mask-N95 (Reuse)
it4503.117Mask-P100 (Reuse)

Added Surgical Mask/Covering for patient

Located under procedures the provider can document they put a surgical mask or face covering on patients when it is done to cover providers that surgical mask on patients with Cough or other ILI symptoms.


PPE Closed call rules changed

REMSA will require PPE documentation for every patient contact regardless of the type of call as well as Assist, and other canceled situations.

Our Emergency Operations Center continues to work through barriers to documentation to create clear pictures of multiple agencies' exposure risk when a patient comes back positive for COVID-19. The dispositions added will help our investigation and contact tracing processes with our public health partners.


Removed requirement for Travel screening for Resp/Flu Complaints

The Riverside County ePCR system will no longer require travel screening questions with patients with flu/respiratory complaints.

The fields, however, will remain visible and optional for Paramedic's and EMTs can answer if their clinical judgement dictates asking those questions. If there is a "Yes" answer still optionally answered then the rest of the fields will still be required.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our ePCR Helpdesk at (951) 840-0675.