*If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 

12/28/2020: Added "above 36 kg" element in the Length Based Tape field.

    This is to address pediatric situations where the patient is either too tall or weighs more then the length based tape recommended dosage. Then it tuns into an adult dosage.

12/22/2020 Validation rule's tied to patient history

REMSA is committed to making sensible changes based on new features and options available that will streamline and not increase time on task of individual crew members documenting. After receiving feedback from the field we have made two important validation rule changes.

  1. Patient medications will no longer flag red when downloading a piece of patient information from the enhanced HIE search (Manifest SAFR). The medication information is currently populating the medication comments section. We are working to correct that in the coming weeks.
  2. Patient history will not flag red when the "other history" field is populated. The medical history coming from the enhanced HIE search (Manifest SAFR) is not populating medical history. We are working with the programmers to fix this in the coming weeks as well.

12/11/2020: Added itTimes.009 (ETA to destination in minutes)

    Renamed for better clarification. Estimated time to destination (in minutes). This is normal to report through any hospital contact as part of your verbal report.

    In preparation for testing of the +EMS project. The ALERT feature has been turned on. In order to facilitate an alert fill out the entire Record,>>Incident Panel including patient demographics, primary impression, destination facility, and ETA in minutes and Upload Transfer to endpoint: RivCo Hospital Alert. The participating hospitals below will receive notification of the patient inbound to that facility.

Tenet JFK Hospital

Tenet DRMC



Rancho Springs

Temecula Hospital

Corona Regional

Parkview Hospital

12/11/2020: Added enhanced search through Manifest Medex Health Information exchange for transport vehicles AMR and Riverside County Coves area.

    In preparation for testing the +EMS Project. The enhanced search tool through repeat patients has been turned on. You will need the first name, last name, DOB, and Gender. This will return results to allow field providers to locate patient history and other relevant information.

12/08/2020: Expanded PPE Grid for all possible patient contacts.


    Assist other agency crews were not documenting their PPE even though they were assisting with patient care and helping with equipment or moving patients.

11/16/2020: Allow Ground transport Unit number to display with ground ambulance providers.

    Modified visual permissions that in the event an Ambulance is unable to transport the patient they can then document using the "Patient Treated and Care Transferred to Another EMS Unit" disposition and document the unit that then took the patient under the ground transport panel. This is a rare occurrence but needed to meet the needs of these circumstances.

11/10/2020: Alphabetized the eInjury.01 dropdown.

Reorganized the Cause of Injury data element to be in alphabetical order for easier use without using predictive text.

10/28/2020: Fixed Homeless Button


Fixed homeless button so it remains invisible without a patient contact cleaning up the first panel when opening a blank ePCR.

10/26/2020: CCT Module has been added to Patient Care Report and is live

    Added several grids and sections required of CCT providers including internal consultation, Intra aortic balloon pumps, blood products, ventilators, and air ambulance flight information. Refer to the pictures below to show the enhancements. All are turned on when the response panel shows the level of service as Nurse, Physician, and Specialty Care Transport.


Drips in Medications

IFT input/output documentation

HEMS Flight information

LAB power tools and grids

IAPB/Blood Products in Actions Panel

Ventilator Settings/Measurements available when Procedures includes either Intubation or Ventilator.

10/21/2020: Add Blade size field itProcedures.063 to Procedure panel when Intubation/Laryngoscopy is used.

    Implementation of Video Laryngoscopes continues to grow in Riverside County. We are implementing this field to capture when it is being used versus direct laryngoscopy. Validation Rules will apply with it being entered when intubation or foreign body removal occurs with its use.