*If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 

03/03/2021: Added Time of Death date/time field itSituation.015

    Added Time of death element as it is regularly written in narrative but now has a place in the Cardiac Arrest panel. This will become required for all calls occurring after midnight 03/04/2021.This field becomes visible when end of arrest event includes an expired patient.

03/03/2021: Added external blood loss field itExam.098

    Datapoint added to give a spot that is frequently described in narrative for trauma patients. This also will help with research and CQI related to TXA administration. This becomes required for all calls occurring after midnight 03/04/2021

02/11/2021: Updated Temperature method eVitals.25


    This will include no-touch infrared thermometers as an available option.

02/08/2021: Updated Patient Signature paragraphs to include the Spanish Language

    The system was updated with Spanish translated paragraphs for Signatures. All First Response and Transport agencies have been updated.

02/01/2021: eMedications.06 addition for CCT providers

    Added mcg/hr for fentanyl drips for CCT IFT calls.

01/28/2021: Modified Cardiac Arrest Situation tool for Narcan


    Changed default value to 0.5 Narcan from 2mg to be in line with the current treatment protocol.

01/13/2021: Fixed validation rule for Patient medications using Manifest SAFR Download

    Modified the validation rule to validate grid entries where the information is in the medications comments. This is being populated from HIE downloads through the Manifest SAFR.

01/07/2021: Added HIE enhanced search the DOB defect has been fixed.


    Required DOB field can be entered with no value but First name, Last name, DOB, and Gender are required.

01/06/2021: Removed ETA in Minutes to Hospital.

  • Based on feedback from the field this element was redundant and caused more confusion than solving. The +EMS milestone is complete and this will be deactivated until a better workflow can be determined.

01/06/2021: Enhanced search changes and feedback.

  • Resolved the validation rule issue with the Date of Birth for enhanced search. This was affecting the ePCR in requiring a date. An unable to obtain or refused will work now.
  • The fields must remain to do a repeat patient search for both Repeat Patient/ Manifest SAFR.