*If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 


06/30/2021: Added Not value under eProtocol.01 (Protocol Used)

    We have some agencies that are using our ePCR outside of Riverside County under a different LEMSA jurisdiction. This allows for eProtocol.01 to be used to satisfy validation rule but allow for RIverside County users to add protocol used during a call while keeping outside agencies out. "Outside of Riverside County" value added.

06/21/2021: New MCI/MPI Documentation workflow for First Response Agencies tracking patients.

    The ePCR workgroup met during a regular meeting to discuss improving the documentation workflow for First Response Agencies during MCI/MPI incidents. Agreed upon below is a new "Worksheet" to track and fill in MCI/MPI patients in a single ePCR incident.

Disposition must be set to "MCI: Triaged patients and care transferred to other EMS Units"

Type of Response must be set to "First Response"

Once the Worksheet is opened.

Can reopen a new sheet for every block of 10 patients. To access the existing one please select Timeline>> Select appropriate sheet.

05/25/2021: Validation rule for Aspirin documentation

                Aspirin will be required when documenting associated ACS treatments such as Nitro/Nitropaste. Contraindications such as Aspirin allergy and CPAP usage have been accounted for to prevent the provider from navigating this successfully. Also for exacerbation of CHF patients where NTG is indicated.


05/25/2021: Last known well time not value change.

                Clarification of not value to “Unable to Complete” will be the new and only, not value for obtaining LKWT.


05/25/2021: Base Hospital Required when Receiving Hospital is Base Hospital.

                Validation rule to increase the performance of base hospital contact. When the base happens to be the receiving center a base hospital contact will be required to fill out.


05/25/2021: Randomize of Destination List for Riverside County Hospitals

                Too many false documentations of facilities between RCH and RUHS and DRMC and Eisenhower. Hopefully, this will prevent the misselection of destination hospitals.

05/03/2021: Rearranged the vitals Heart rate grouped with Pulse-related vitals.

    Realigned the vitals grid and pushed up the pulse rhythm as grouped with Heartrate.

04/26/2021: Add of Pulse ox qualifier in Vitals Grid

    Added pulse ox qualifier when obtaining a value then a qualifier of Room Air/O2 or if you are a CCT unit you can clarify if its Ventilator o2 or Bipap. The level of service keeps these values hidden when your a 911 Paramedic or below the level of care.

04/01/2021: Removal of King Airway from Procedures.

    Removed King Airway from all documentation selections.

04/01/2021: APOT/APOD Reason (eResponse.12) change

    The eResponse.12 Turnaround Delay has been renamed to Bed Delay Reason. Education from 2021 Spring PUC covers this change that any transfer of care that passes the 30-minute mark will require a reason.

Crews can document if the delay reason is due to Hospital Bed delay or another Ambulance crew-related reason.

04/01/2021: Protocol Number and naming change for REMSA 2021.

All protocol's under Final Panel changed to be consistent with new REMSA 2021 Protocol changes.