Q3 2021: Elite Updates July 1st - Sept 30th

*If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 


09/24/2021: Tightened up the dropdown list of "Primary Payment" ePayment.01

    After review of this field there were no use of the additional options such as "Cash, Money Order" which was with the field during the initial rollout. Those values have been removed to shorten up the dropdown and ease of choice. The following fields are available for selection.

2601011Self Pay
2601021No Insurance Identified
2601013Workers Compensation
2601009Other Government
2601015Payment by Facility
2601007Not Billed (for any reason)
2601023Other Payment Option

09/21/2021: Added Unknown values for LMP and EDD in Pregnancy Panel.

    Date/time elements surrounding the last menstrual cycle, and Estimated delivery date are sometimes not known by the patient. Unknown values were entered to allow for completion of the ePCR.

09/21/2021: Fixed validation errors related to the Transfer of Records within the same Agency.

    Several ambulance crews that receive the same agency transfers from first response engines were experiencing Prior to contact errors concerning their own crew members. This has been resolved with the following sections: Medications, Procedures, Vitals.

09/16/2021: Added Procedures for Hypoglycemia patients.


225285007Giving oral fluid (procedure)
710925007Provision of food (procedure)

09/01/2021: First Response Documentation of BLS Ambulance Utilization

Starting tomorrow 09/02/2021 Riverside County Fire Department and AMR will be utilizing BLS ambulance for certain low acuity Omega/Alpha 911 calls. AMR will be tracking those BLS ambulances internally. In order to facilitate CQI and tracking purposes. A new field was added to Ground Transport Panel.


This will allow RVC Fire to track utilization of BLS ambulance transports in accordance with REMSA Policy 3308 (attached). Also included is the System Advisory from REMSA allowing this to take place.


08/30/2021: Changed Label of Hospital Intended Capability value Level 2 Trauma.

    This change is to reflect that there are two Level 1 Trauma Centers but does not change field triage between a level 1 or 2. Just that the intended capability is Trauma Center.

08/25/2021: Changed label of “Assist other agency” in Disposition field to “Assist another/same Agency”


            This label change provides clarification of the disposition intent and use regarding multiple apparatus from the same agency each creating an ePCR for the incident.

08/25/2021: Overdose Focus Questions for Narcan Kit and Prior to contact admin of Narcan.

    Enhancements to focused questions surrounding Prior to contact administration of Narcan on suspected overdoses. With the wide availability of over-the-counter Naloxone (Narcan), those administrations are being missed in documentation. Either administered by law enforcement, layperson, or family member. ePCR must reflect a suspected overdose or Narcan administration will trigger the focused questions.

Narcan Kit programs will be beginning soon in Riverside County where the ALS provider may leave behind a Narcan kit for a patient suspected of overdosing in the future. These questions will help with data collection on that program. Validation rules will come soon making the focused questions mandatory.

Print Reports, as well as CQI Module Print, have been updated to reflect these elements if documented.

08/25/2021: Receiving Center Contact Times changed to Hospital Contact Panel.

    Requested and approved by the ePCR workgroup. Moved Receiving Hospital Contact Time from Destination to Hospital Contact Panel. So all hospital contact types are grouped together for streamlined documentation.

07/13/2021: Outcome notification button deselected for crews.

Now that we are regularly receiving outcome reconcile messages from 9 of our 17 hospitals. I have de-selected the outcome notification button located under Disposition>>Destination. Crews can instead choose to be notified if it's a call that interests them to know the outcome. This should end the white noise of multiple messages in their inbox.

07/09/2021: Changed MX File for RUHS and LLUMC to be Barcode scanned.


We are changing to I believe a better and simpler process for the paramedics. They will scan the QR code located on the face sheet for those hospitals which will populate the numbers correctly. This has been tested and was very successful. The changes will be pushed with the system force reset at 12:00 pm NOON 07/09/2021. This will cause all mobile devices to resync and pull down the changes that were made.


Upon the arrival at the facility, they will get a facesheet like this one and Scan the QR code located next to the hospital name.

A close-up of a document

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


The button is located here and is very simple to use. I appreciate any feedback. Also the Facility Face sheet guide external link located on the page has been updated to reflect that change as well.