**If you are experiencing ePCR or Elite/Elite Field issues (including those that could be related to system changes and updates described below), please contact the on-call ePCR HelpDesk administrator at (951) 840-0675 - Thank you for your continued participation in the Riverside County EMS System! We also appreciate your quick ImageTrend Elite bug reports. ** 

3/10/2020: Enhanced COVID-19 Travel panel along with PPE/Exposure Documentation.

The RUHS-Public Health DOC is activated in coordination with REMSA/MHOAC personnel to assist in the ongoing COVID-19 response. 


In an effort to better data tracking mechanisms we are expanding the travel screening questions to add screening information for travel to areas of the US that are heavily impacted by COVID-19. This additional question is in addition to current criteria established by the CDC and will facilitate our evaluation of severe respiratory illnesses that are not accompanied by international travel to an at-risk area.


See Mockups for Travel Screening:



Updated resource article concerning Travel Screening:



PPE/Exposure Documentation has been added as well for crew members and respective services to be made aware of potential exposures of COVID-19 patients.


This will be located under Scene Panel SAME Validation rules as travel screening.

See Mockups:



2/25/2020: MCI/MPI Panel Revision

During our last ePCR meeting it was discussed the MCI/MPI workflow for triage tags among other fields was not working correctly. The MCI Panel has now been fixed and an additional field has been added to capture the number of patients that were part of the MCI/MPI incident. This will allow during the review/QI process for the agencies to know how many records they should be looking for. The minimum data element requirements are greatly reduced in this situation. They will know the triage color/acuity of the patient. A narrative field for the agency to capture in best detail what happened, and Triage Tag number.


They can then add as many patients and follow the same disposition path for all of them that automatically link the records together if done by the same agency. I timed myself to run this workflow which equaled about 2-3 minutes per patient. This decreased to 1-2 minutes after the first patient was entered because the scene details are copied once you select “Add another patient to incident” button. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact the helpdesk. This information will be posted in the change log as well. (Graphics below to better explain)



2/21/2020: Removed unused elements in eVitals.04

When documenting vitals signs both in grid and power tools the level of response determines the capability of what vitals can be taken. REMSA removed un used elements under eVitals.04 that are not conducted in the prehospital setting. These include 3 lead, 5 lead, 15 lead, and 18 lead.

These elements can be added back if justification and a request through an agency is received.

2/20/2020: ePCR Workgroup approved changes

  1. Added "Cold/Ice Pack Treatment" under Procedures panel for use.
  2. Amended Trauma Situation tool for formatting and added Quikclot hemostatic dressing, Simplified the 250ml NS Bolus in Circulation, and added Ketamine as medication for use in trauma tool. Deleted not used buttons for easier selection during critical documentation times.
  3. Added ROSC button under Cardiac Arrest Situation tool.

2/11/2020: Added Hyperlink to Travel Panel

 The REMSIS system now allows for Hyperlink buttons to be added to EMS Forms. REMSA Policy #3307 was added for direct reference to REMSA policy is the use of this Riverside County specific screening tool for 2019-nCoV patients.

2/10/2020: Inactivated "Trial Study ID" field in the eMedications panel.

This will remain inactive until another study requiring a ID band or other form of tracking is needed again.

2/4/2020: Added eSituation.09 value to describe Head injury/pain.

Added ICD10: S09.9 - Head, Injury or other specified pain to eSituation.09 and mapped into an approved CEMSIS value to allow to better describe Head pain or injury as there is not a comparable value available at the local level.

1/31/2020: eInjury01, eSituation.09, and eScene.09 changed to State CEMSIS approved list.

EMSA has mandated state-approved lists for the above-stated drop-down lists. Primary and Secondary impression lists were not changed as they were already compliant with state-approved lists. To review please go to the state CEMSIS website at https://emsa.ca.gov/cemsis/ and under the CEMSIS resources for the approved lists.

1/27/2020: eMedications.09 additional value plus Travel Screening section and validation rules added

Added Law Enforcement, Other to Actions>>Medications (eMedications) fields for when Law enforcement Narcan can be administered and documented by First Response or Transporting agency as being conducted PTA or at a specific interval that can be determined.

Travel screening questions have been added to capture documentation for possible emerging illnesses (including nCoV: Novel Coronavirus), with validation rules and closed-call rules as necessary. Article specifically on this change here: https://remsa.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/19000109787

1/15/2020: Narcotic waste signature disclaimer: Language has been added in the itcontrolledsubstances grid located under admin>>narcotic waste. This will allow a better understanding of the intent of what the signatures mean. Approved by ePCR workgroup meeting on January 15, 2020. Notification emails have been sent. Please see the quoted language below.

Primary Signature:

I certify under penalty of perjury that I administered and wasted this narcotic.


I have reviewed this panel for completeness and accuracy, and will sign and record my name.

Secondary Signature


I certify under penalty of perjury that I witnessed the above-noted narcotic administration being wasted.


I have reviewed this panel for completeness and accuracy, and will sign and record my name.

1/07/2020: Elite System Update: The following is an excerpt of the information ImageTrend publishes in the University, accessible once you are logged into Elite Web. These specific items are those that may have an impact or improvement to issues or performance on our Elite system. Login to Elite and then click this link for access to all University articles/videos.

Resolved Elite Issues

    The IP Authorization feature was reading the wrong IP address and preventing users from logging in to Elite. (174571)

System / Agency

    Configuration > Locking Workflow Settings - Incidents were not always locking on larger sites when scheduled to lock. (173987)

    Data Exchange > Import / Export - NFIRS exports were excluding the FDID for the Mutual Aid Received agency. (174886)


    Incident - Selecting a text field on a touch device after using the number pad was resulting in the cursor jumping back to the number field. (174211)

    Incident - The Allowed Days Ahead settings were preventing users from entering the date in Estimated Due Date (itObstetrics.017) if the date was further in the future than the setting allowed. (174169)

    (EMS to Fire) Incident - The Phone Number and Business Name values from the Persons Involved grid was not merging into the fire incident. (171993)

    EMS and Fire Incident List - The EMS Incident List and the Fire Incident List were experiencing time out issues when searching large quantities of incidents. (160089)


    CQI Categories - Users were able to edit inherited categories. (127828)

    CQI Form Manager - Adding worksheets to CQI forms was resulting in various errors. (174167)

    CQI Report - Bulk generating fire CQI reports was generating the reports with no data. (174249)

Locations, Occupants, and Inspections

    Inspection Scheduling - The Name textbox when editing a schedule was too small. (171954)

    Permits (Permits Required) - Contact names were not displaying correctly on permit reports. (173467)


    Daily Roster - The sort order of vehicles in the Daily Roster was not matching the sort order set for vehicles in Vehicles & Call Signs. (127989)

    Patient Records - The Facility field in the Referral Source was not always loading values when viewing a patient's program details if there were a large number of facilities. (158036)

    Supporting Agencies & Units - On larger sites, viewing the list of supporting agencies was sometimes timing out. (173912)

    Form Manager - Fields on form templates were not displaying the field's default label in the Property box's header on all form template types except for EMS, Community Health and fire. (160571)

    Form Manager - An error was received when attempting to copy a Fire Investigations Property form template. (148650)

    Validation - Sorting validation rules by the ID column was not working. (122325)


    Report Writer - The Checklist dataset was reporting checklists as missing when they were documented in a different time zone. (174305)

    Standard Reports - The Call Percentage Report was sometimes returning incorrect results. (173932)